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Given that I prefer having names for the multiple value procedures
which are descriptive enough so as to distinguish between Common Lisp
style and Scheme style multiple values, you correctly guess I like the
CONTINUING/CONTINUE pair.  I especially like CONTINUE for the name of
the multiple value returner.

>> From: Norman Adams <adams%tekchips.labs.tek.com@relay.cs.net>
>> But then why stop at two arguments?  COMPOSE is usually n-ary.
>>    (define (swap x y) (values y x))
>>    (continuing (lambda () (continue 1 2)) swap cons) 
>>    => (2 . 1)

We could use Unix terminology and the name PIPE.  After all, BABY-DOE
connects two procedures using a "continuation pipeline".

	(pipe (lambda () (continue 1 2)) swap cons) 
	=> (2 . 1)