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RE: name for VALUES

 I too am not fond of YIELD since it is used in CLU for a different
purpose: there it is used to return multiple values but a dynamically
computed number of them, and it returns them one at a time to a FOR
statement which iterates over these YIELDed values. The construct which
does such YIELDing of values is aptly named an ITERATER.

 I do not think that RETURN implies EXIT since the manual is careful
to call nonlocal exits just that rather than calling them something
like "immediate returns". In my low-level mind it just implies that
the values are placed in the RETURN register(s) and the current pending
continuation is invoked.

 I also think it would be odd to have a section on multiple value
RETURN in which the construct which does the returning is called

 Perhaps something like MVRETURN (for Multiple-Value-RETURN) or