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Re: Multiple values not for R4RS

>> From: Morris J. Katz <katz@Polya.Stanford.EDU>
>> We can leave it to the editors (since that seems to be the current
>> sentiment) ....

Leave it to the editors if you want to, not because it seems to be the
current sentiment.  You count!

I understand your text now.  I guess I find the term "includes"
ambiguous.  Let me suggest another approach to explaining BABY-DOE.
I follow the lead of Will and the semantics.

The BABY-DOE procedure takes a thunk and a procedure, and calls the
thunk with a continuation that, when passed some values, calls the
procedure that was the second argument to the BABY-DOE procedure with
those values as arguments.  The result of a call of the BABY-DOE
procedure is the result of the call of the second argument.