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Kent, please bless this multiple values proposal.

   Posted-From: The MITRE Corp., Bedford, MA
   X-Alternate-Route: user%node@mbunix.mitre.org
   Posted-Date: Mon, 28 Aug 89 07:30:00 EDT
   From: ramsdell@linus.mitre.org
   Date: Mon, 28 Aug 89 07:30:00 EDT

   I believe I have a multiple values proposal acceptable to all.  

   (values obj ...)                                        essential procedure


   The effect of returning zero values or more than one value to something
   other than a receiving procedure is unspecified.

I believe that the sentence above leaves things a little too unspecified.  In
particular, I believe that it is important that in the following code CONT
accept exactly two values.

              (lambda (c)
               (set! cont c)
               (values 1 2)))

Similarly, any continuation captured with CALL-WITH-CURRENT-CONTINUATION which
tail recurses into the first argument position of WITH-VALUES should require
and exact arity match with the receiver.

Morry Katz