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Multiple values for R4RS.

   Date: Mon, 21 Aug 89 17:33:49 edt
   From: cph@zurich.ai.mit.edu (Chris Hanson)

      From: ramsdell@linus.mitre.org
      Date: Mon, 21 Aug 89 08:15:36 EDT

   I've been using a similar interface for multiple values for about a
   year now, the major difference being that instead of `apply-values'
   there is an operation `with-values' which has these two arguments in
   the opposite order.  

I personally also favor the with-values order of generator and then receiver as
opposed to the apply-values order.  Mike and I chose the apply-values order for
consistency with the regularization of procedures in Scheme.  Since the
regularization of apply has been nixed, there remains no reason for the
apply-values order.
Morry Katz