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Proposed Changes to R3.95RS

Missing from Will's list were the following [i.e., I hereby propose them]
in decreasing severity (increasing flammability):

 [] Fix bug in Number grammar: it does not generate for example .34
    Fix:  <decimal 10> --> ... | . <digit 10>+ #* <suffix>
                                             `--- NB

 [] Add @ to the list of extended alphabetics.  Note that this does not
    generate ambiguity for ,@ since [i] the @ must immediately follow the ,
    [Ref:4.2.6] and [ii] , is not an extended alphabetic.  [Note: I notified
    Jonathan about this quite a while ago and he assured me that @'s absence
    was a mere oversight].

 [] CHAR->INTEGER & INTEGER->CHAR stipulated as ``one-to-one'' ... I would
    prefer the term ``injective''.  I am anal.  Maybe use both but
    parenthesize one.

 [] For that matter, isn't what you are really trying to stipulate now that
    CHAR->INTEGER and INTEGER->CHAR be functional inverses? If so, I suggest
    changing ``Given an exact integer that is the image of a character under
    CHAR->INTEGER, INTEGER->CHAR returns a character'' to:
                            ``...returns that character.''

 [] Finally, doesn't CHAR->INTEGER make more embarrassing the fact that we
    consistently call integer stuff INTEGER while we uniformly (but
    inconsistently) call character stuff CHAR.  Wouldn't we all sleep better
    with CHARACTER->INTEGER and so on...  Or maybe some would prefer
    INT->CHAR, PROC?, BOOLE?  After all, implementations can always add the
    shorter (or longer) forms to their standard library.
								Anally Yours,