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Comments on the draft standard

I was talking about the ieee standard in my comments.

In response to my strings-immutable coment, Jinx suggested:

	A correct analogous program would be

	(define mystring (string-copy "abc"))
	(string-set! mystring 0 #\f)

I really don't care for this.  It makes strings substantively
different from vectors, when conceptually they ought not be.  Further,
why is it that strings are reasonable things to put into immutable
space and lists, lambdas, etc. are not?

No, if what you want is to be able to have things in constant space,
introduce a construct that says so. Don't perturb well understood and
correct behavior.

After seeing Jinx's response, [I still am not sure he was serious...]
it seems all the more important that section 3.5 make it explicitly
clear that an object is only a candidate for immutable storage if the
implementation can prove that it cannot be mutated by the program.