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... should be a peculiar identifier

   Date: Mon, 20 Feb 89 11:38:46 PST
   From: Pavel.pa@Xerox.COM

   I strongly support this proposal, though I might go further and allow ``.''
   as a normal constituent character, disallowing only the name ``.'' for

In effect, this is already the case, since . + - are "special
subsequents" according to the grammar in section 7.1.1 of the
Revised^3 Report.  The grammar thus allows identifiers like A..B,
SET-CAR!, and so on.  The text in section 2.1 is in error in not
describing this possibility.  In my opinion it is section 7.1.1 that
reflects current practice and the consensus of the authors, not
section 2.1.  Sorry for getting it wrong.  I would like to direct the
editors of the Revised^4 Report and the IEEE Draft Standard to fix
section 2.1.  I think it would suffice to add + - . to the list of
extended alphabetic characters.

My opinion on the "..." question is that I would like to see
incompatibilities with Common Lisp, as well as differences between the
^3 and ^4 reports, minimized, and thus leave "..." as it stands, namely
not generated by the grammar.  I suggest the alternative "---" for use
in pattern languages.  But I may have used up my opinion quota on the
last report.