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apology for flamage concerning WITH-INPUT-FROM-PORT etc

Please disregard my earlier flamage concerning WITH-INPUT-FROM-PORT and
WITH-OUTPUT-TO-PORT.  I was just moby confused, having somehow gotten it
deeply wedged into my brain that these procedures were replacing
replacing WITH-INPUT-FROM-FILE and WITH-OUTPUT-TO-FILE.  The proposed
procedures are clearly superior to the ones they replace, and the only
possible question is whether this particular bit of functionality, which
was optional in R3RS, should go into the IEEE standard.

I certainly favor making this change in R4RS.

Please accept my apologies for thoughtlessly polluting this mailing list
with nonsense.

Peace, William Clinger

P.S. with regard to whether vector constants should have to be quoted:
As things stand now, implementations are free to allow unquoted vector
constants, and several do.  Does the recent discussion mean that this
this feature is causing so many portability problems that it should be
required of all implementations?