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comments on draft IEEE std

   Date: Tue, 31 Jan 89 13:46:07 PDT
   From: William Clinger <will@fog.cs.uoregon.edu>

   I am uncomfortable with the proposed WITH-INPUT-FROM-PORT and
   WITH-OUTPUT-TO-PORT procedures.  One reason the R3RS did not specify a way
   to change the default ports is that some people do not want them to be
   changable.  Furthermore the implementation-dependent behavior of these
   new procedures is a serious problem because they muck with a global
   resource: the default ports.  The implementation-dependent behavior of
   CALL-WITH-INPUT-FILE and CALL-WITH-OUTPUT-FILE is better isolated and
   therefore less troublesome.

This shouldn't be an issue.  The procedures `with-input-from-file' and
`with-output-to-file' already do this kind of binding.  What we're
suggesting isn't new functionality, but a subset of existing
functionality: we want the binding part of `with-...-file' separately
from the file-opening part.