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report sources

    Date: Mon, 6 Jun 88 15:32:20 EST
    From: Robert Hieb <hieb@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu>
    To:   JAR@mc.lcs.mit.edu
    Re:   rrrs latex formats

    You mentioned you would make the rrrs source available via ftp.
    Have you got around to it?
    We have some proposals we would like to tex up in proper format.
    thanks, bob hieb

The sources are in
	ZURICH.AI.MIT.EDU: /u/jar/r4rs
Tar (Unix "tape archive") format files are in
	ZURICH.AI.MIT.EDU: /u/jar/r4rs.tar
	PREP.AI.MIT.EDU:   /u/jar/r4rs.tar
Anonymous login works with PREP's FTP server; I don't know about zurich,
but I don't think so.  If you can't use tar format, let me know and put
the un-tarred files on PREP as well.

Have fun.