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Re: A Proposal for Environments in Scheme

Morry writes, ``It is precisely because the <id> is so often unnecessary, and
even possible misleading, that I feel it should not be required.''

I'm sorry; I misinterpreted your earlier comments.  Your point is well taken, in
that no other R3RS data object carries an identifier with it.  I suppose that I
have no problem with making the <id> optional, but I definitely want to be able
to specify it, since I always find it useful and never confusing or misleading.

I can't speak to your comments concerning the variable-caching mechanism in
C-Scheme.  I believe that the usual case involves only single-inheritance,
though, so no mechanisms that work well for that should break down in the new
world.  In particular, the normal environments that come up during the
evaluation of compound procedure applications (i.e., applications of the results
of lambda-expressions) will all have only single inheritance.

As for the environment analog of call-with-current-continuation, by which I
assume we mean something like THE-ENVIRONMENT in C-Scheme, I would truly
appreciate a clear, concise example.