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Change proposals

    Date: 10 May 88 12:06:02 PDT (Tue)
    From: willc%tekchips.CRL%tektronix.tek.com@RELAY.CS.NET

    Detailed proposals for changes to the R3RS should be submitted to me
    by 15 June.  This should allow the agenda committee (Jonathan Rees and
    myself?) to collate and edit the proposals in time to distribute them
    two weeks before the meeting.  Participants should study these proposals
    before coming to Snowbird.

Please send your proposals to me, not to Will.  Proposals should be
submitted in LaTeX format, if possible, using the macros that are
already used in the report sources.  There is no documentation for these
macros, and some are very poorly designed, for which I make no
apologies.  (Improved versions are welcome.)  I'll mail partial or
complete R^3.5 Report sources to anyone who wants them (e.g. to learn
how to use the macros or to modify existing text), and I'll also make
them available by FTP shortly.

If you don't have a LaTeX with which to debug your source, then
just do the best you can and I'll cope with it.