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Meeting 24 July 1988

The third occasional meeting of the Revised^n Report authors will
take place on Sunday, 24 July 1988, at Snowbird, Utah.  This is the
day before the ACM Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming,
also at Snowbird.  The exact time and place will be announced later,
as will the registration fee (if any);  I have requested a room for
thirty people from 8:30 am to 5 pm.  Hal Abelson will chair the meeting.

Please let me know immediately if you intend to attend.  If it appears
that too many people are planning to come, we'll have to do something
about it.  If you are coming, please send me your address and telephone

Detailed proposals for changes to the R3RS should be submitted to me
by 15 June.  This should allow the agenda committee (Jonathan Rees and
myself?) to collate and edit the proposals in time to distribute them
two weeks before the meeting.  Participants should study these proposals
before coming to Snowbird.

This meeting of the RRRS authors is entirely separate from the IEEE
Scheme standardization meeting that is planned for the afternoon of
Wednesday, 27 July 1988, following the conference.

William Clinger
Semantic Microsystems, Inc.
4470 SW Hall Blvd, Suite 340
Beaverton OR 97005
(503) 643-4539