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forwarded message from Clyde Camp

Date: Wed, 6 Apr 88 16:43:41 CDT
From: Clyde Camp <camp@mips.csc.ti.com>
To: hal@mc.lcs.mit.edu
Cc: camp@mips.csc.ti.com
In-Reply-To: Hal Abelson's message of Tue, 5 Apr 88 21:16:17 edt <8804060116.AA05307@murren>
Subject: Scheme


I sent Chris a status message to forward to the group, but it
evidently never got to him (or he hasn't forwarded it yet).  So will
you please forward this to the net for me.

The ballot was sent out this morning (I got the foil updates yesterday
from Chris) and I requested results back by the 22nd.  Chris did not
send the article, but it is not really needed for the ballot and I was
running out of time to allow time for response. It will be needed
before June.

- Clyde

Date: Mon, 4 Apr 88 11:44:27 EST
From: camp
To: iuvax!chaynes@EE.ECN.PURDUE.EDU
CC: camp@csc.ti.com
In-reply-to: Chris Haynes's message of Tue, 29 Mar 88 12:10:43 EST <8803291746.AA26210@ee.ecn.purdue.edu>
Subject: one more thing 

Chris, please forward this to the authors for me.  The enclosures
referred to are the 1-2 page article and whatever updates to the foils
you wish to make.

- Clyde


I finally (after several volleys of telephone ping-pong) talked with
Andrew Salem, Director of Standards for the IEEE.  He has no problems
with the plan we proposed - specifically that the Scheme community
churns out RnRS documents at some (non-specified) rate and that
selected versions become the basis from which the IEEE standard is
developed.  The IEEE retains copyright to the standard while the
Scheme community retains copyright (or lack thereof) to the report.
He felt that this was entirely appropriate. Although he also
questioned why the community would want to retain the report after the
standard was published, he had no problems with its doing so.

With that potential problem being a non-problem, we are ready to
start.  I have the mail ballot ready to go and will send it out as
soon as I get the enclosures from Chris.  The current voting
membership is 34, so I need to get back at least 26 returns with at
least 20 positive votes to get the PAR request in by the May 1st
deadline.  Assuming that it passes, there will probably be no need for
anyone to attend the May meeting.

I enjoyed meeting all of you who attended the March 26 meeting and I
look forward to a continued relationship.