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t and nil

    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 88 07:22:46 EST
    From: John D. Ramsdell <ramsdell%linus at mitre-bedford.ARPA>

    On another subject, I would like to see that the variables T and NIL
    not be treated specially.  In particular, a user should be able to

    		(let ((t '#f)) t) ==> #f

You can already do this, and indeed I do it often.  T and NIL are
treated no differently from CAR or LENGTH, which you can also rebind.
The report doesn't mention this case explicitly because it doesn't
really need to; I think it's implied.  An example to this effect should
probably be added somewhere, though, perhaps under the description of

I don't particularly care whether T and NIL remain.  The fact that you
thought NIL was initially bound to () instead of to #F is a good
argument in favor of flushing NIL.