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travel plans

Our arpanet link was down for four days last week, from Monday to
Thursday.  If anyone tried to send me mail, and it bounced, please
resend.  To be safe, you might want to send mail via uucp as well as
arpanet; my arpanet address is dyb@iuvax.cs.indiana.edu and my uucp
address is dyb@iuvax.

The following people have informed me that they are coming to the
meeting from out of town: Hal Abelson, Will Clinger, Gary Brooks, Clyde
Camp, and John Ramsdell.  I have also heard that Gerry Sussman and Bill
Rozas are coming.  So far I have Will, Gary, and John signed up for
rooms at the Bloomington Ramada Inn.  I was supposed to tell the Ramada
Inn the list of names yesterday, but they are willing to give us a few
more days.  Please let me know if you plan to attend and about your
travel plans.

If you are interested in sharing a rental car with others who are
travelling to Bloomington, please let me know your flight times and
I'll try to hook you up.

More later...