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call for standardization meeting

I would like to hold a one-day meeting of RRRS authors to address the
standardization question.

The purpose of the meeting would be to decide whether we want to go
ahead with standardization, and if so, how (what standards
organization, who should be responsible for doing the work, etc.).

I do not think we should make any technical decisions about Scheme at
this meeting, although we might review some of the suggested changes.

My bias is that if we do decide to go ahead with a standard, then the
standard itself should be essentially identical to the next version of
R*S.  (But I would like to hear from people who have contrary

Actually producing the next version of R*S would happen at a meeting
held in conjuction with the L&FP conference this summer.

For purely selfish reasons, I would like to hold the meeting on a
weekend in the Boston area. I volunteer MIT to host it.  Here are
three possible dates:

Saturday, March 12

Saturday, March 19

Saturday, March 26

Please send mail within a week (to RRRS-AUTHORS) with one or more of the
following responses:

* you can/will come (and which dates are OK)

* you don't want to have a meeting or can't come to one, but you think
that standardization is a good/bad idea; any thoughts on a preferred
standards organization (IEEE, X3, Better Homes and Gardens, etc.)

* you would prefer to have the meeting somewhere else, with suggested
place and dates.

* you are bored/sick of the whole thing

If there is enough response, I'll go ahead and schedule the meeting.

-- Hal