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from Clyde Camp

Clyde also sent the following a while ago, but it didn't make it. - Chris


I can't help but make the comment that dependence on E-mail to solicit
information obviously restricts inputs to those who have access AND who
actually read RRRS-AUTHORS on a timely basis.  That is why I have to
balance RRRS-AUTHORS opinions against the opinions of x-thousand Scheme
users who have purchased a product from one of the three suppliers.
Unfortunately I have no way of accessing those people as a whole and my
sample is relatively small.  For that matter, The sample of RRRS-AUTHORS
is relatively small.

The Scheme standard is, at this point, a proposal.  There are pros and
cons, but to repeat Chris "..I feel the advantages of a standard clearly
outweigh the disadvantages, at least if we act reasonably soon so that
it does not get out of hand." I hope that I have also made clear my
feeling that the time is right for a standardization effort and that it
should begin early this year.

The existing red-book is pretty much in an acceptable format for a
standard already.  Some wordsmithing and formatting may be necessary
(for example, the inclusion of the PAR number and DRAFT at the bottom of
each page) and the bug on page 30 removed but I would say that it is
90+% of the end product already (modulo whatever technical
changes/additions you wish to include).  One thing I would strongly
suggest is that the summary be extended to justify Scheme as a
completely different philosophy from Common Lisp to head off trouble in
that direction to begin with - but that's up to you.

In view of the discussions which have been held over RRRS-AUTHORS and by
phone between various parties, let me suggest the following sequence of

   1) To continue at least net-mail discussions for the next month or
      so and have this topic placed on the agenda for a meeting of the
      RRRS group.  Preferably this meeting should occur before May and
      even more preferably before March.  I will be glad to attend if
      you so wish.  

   2) Assuming that the general (not unanimous) concensus is to proceed,
      give me a recommendation for a chair and vice-chair as well as a
      pair of alternates.  At this point Chris and Will have been the
      only two who meet the following requirements:
        a) Is an IEEE or CS member 
        b) Believes that standardization is appropriate and who wants to
           chair the working group.
        c) Is competent technically and managerially
        d) His employer also supports the activity and travel necessary
        e) The working Group is willing to follow his leadership.

      The actual appointment of a chair has not been made at this point
      and will not formally be made until after the Project
      Authorization Request (PAR) has been approved.

   3) Have one or both of the proposed chairs (as well as anyone else
      who is interested) prepare a short (<30min) presentation covering
      Scheme uniqueness, community, importance, and proposed milestones.
      Chris has some rough cuts that are not so rough and are the type
      of thing the MSC likes to see.  

   4) Given that the MSC approves (and I wouldn't be going through this
      if I though they would not) an interrum chair would be appointed
      until the PAR was approved (which might get done the next week,
      but probably would not get done until June due to a mismatch
      between the meeting frequencies of the approving committees.)

Finally, let me thank Will Clinger and Chris Haynes for the work they
have already done in pulling all of this together.

Regards, Clyde


Optional Reading:

The following documentation is available to explain the details of the
standardization process.  The chair will get these free from me (I'll be
sending a copy to Chris at least sometime this month).

Phone numbers are where the material can be ordered from if others want
a copy.  While the chair must be aware of them, everybody else can
ignore the rest of this unless you're just interested (and it IS
interesting - most of the time)

IEEE Standards Manual         (212/705-7091  Mrs. Louise Germani)
IEEE Standards Style Manual                  "
IEEE Bylaws - January 1987                   "
IEEE Policy and Procedures Manual Jan, 1987  "

Computer Society Constitution
  (includes the Bylaws and Policy and
    Procedures manual)                 (714-821-8380)