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[jap%maths.bath.ac.uk@NSS.Cs.Ucl.AC.UK: Scheme standardization]

I ask Julian Padget what he thought about Scheme standardization.  I
thought his views would be interesting because of his work with
EuLisp.  Here is his response.

Posted-Date: Mon, 1 Feb 88 22:23:13 GMT
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Subject: Scheme standardization
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 88 22:23:13 GMT
From: jap%maths.bath.ac.uk@NSS.Cs.Ucl.AC.UK
Sender: jap%maths.bath.ac.uk@NSS.Cs.Ucl.AC.UK

I only heard today some rumour about Scheme standardisation (although
it does ring faint bells from something I heard a little while ago).
Who proposed it and what was their motive?

I am not enthusiastic about Scheme being standardised - you might
think that reaction is because it conflicts with the work I get
associated with (i.e. EuLisp).  That is not so, although whether there
is room for an ANSI Lisp standard, an ISO Lisp standard and another
ANSI Lisp standard (given that Scheme is a dialect of Lisp), all
conflicting, is highly questionable.  It also reflects badly on ANSI's
judgement if it is prepared to condsider this since it would then be
promoting the standardisation of dialects which is contrary to the
notional remit of a standards organisation.

My main reason for not being in favour of standardising Scheme is that
I have learnt a lot about the standards circus in the last few years,
the kind of people that get involved in standardisation and what
(standards) committees do to programming languages.  I realise I am
pointing recriminating finger at myself too - in my defence I say that
I did not know what I was getting into...such is the naivete of youth!
Anyway, that would be a sad fate for a language that has been so
carefully thought out and refined (a few minor warts remain).

I presume you mean tail not tale regarding ISO Lisp vs. ANSI Common
Lisp, but I am not sure about the versus part.  What has Dick been

Off to another EuLisp meeting tomorrow, back next Monday (short
holiday too).