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Re: Gabriel benchmarks in Scheme

There was a continuation passing version of tak I ran in VAX-NIL
and submitted a couple years ago, called TAKF. It made it into
"the book" but unfortunately was not run by many (if any) other
lisp implementors. Perhaps an interesting note, on the MIT Lispmachine
instruction set (CADR, LM-2, LMI-LAMBDA, TI-EXPLORER) the procedures
for TAK and TAKF compile into exactly the same sequence of instructions,
and TAKF is slightly faster, with one memory reference less per
procedure call (no, make that two memory reference, one for the
exit-vector and one for the function-cell).

Needless to say, in most lisps TAKF is considerably slower than TAK.
In Maclisp or Franz, with FUNCALL, quite considerably slower,
although with SUBRCALL in Maclisp there is no problem.