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No Subject

I have a question about Scheme about which I am unclear after reading
R3RS.  Consider the following procedure definitions

(define foo
  (lambda () '(x y z)))

(define baz
  (lambda () `(x y z)))

(define grump
  (lambda (k) `(x y z ,k)))

Are the following expressions true, false, or implementation-dependent?
 1:  (eq? (foo) (foo))
 2:  (eq? (baz) (baz))
 3:  (eq? (grump 'w) (grump 'w))
It is hard to imagine that implementation would require 1 to be false or
3 to be true.  But I could imagine, for example implementations being
allowed to transform:
    '(x y z)
    (list 'x 'y 'z)
thereby creating a distinct list each time the expression is evaluated.

		Steve Vegdahl
		Computer Research Lab
		Tektronix Labs
		Beaverton, Oregon