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Tigger on Scheme

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Posted-Date: Mon, 6 Jul 87 07:46:39 EDT
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 87 07:46:39 EDT
From: Tigger@Hundred-Acre-Woods.Milne
To: ramsdell@linus.uucp
Subject: Scheme

	The wonderful thing about Scheme is:
	Scheme is a wonderful thing.
	Complex procedural ideas
	Are expressed via simple strings.
	It's clear semantics, and lack of pedantics,
	Help make programs run, run, RUN!
	But the most wonderful thing about Scheme is:
	Programming in it is fun,
	Programming in it is FUN!


Gerry started the last Scheme meeting with a stated desire that it be
fun.  I have to observe that laudable goal was lost by the end of the
meeting.  I enjoyed most of the meeting, and I am enthusiastic about
the prospect of agreement on the most important issue in my opinion:
the issue of macros.  I enjoyed talking with you all.  Let's not get
too serious about Scheme.