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A recapitulation of the details of the workshop, with some directions for
the minority (!) of you not familiar with the area:

We meet Saturday and Sunday starting at 9:30 a.m.  Tentative finishing
time is 5 p.m. but we can stay longer or shorter if we like.  The
current head count is 33.

The Grier Room is also known as room 34-401.  The entrance to buildings
34, 36, and 38 is on Vassar Street about halfway between Main Street and
Massachusetts Avenue.  At the entrance there is a big new glass atrium,
several stories high, that's hard to miss, and a revolving door.
Building 34 nestles in between buildings 36 and 38 and away from the
street, opposite the main entrance.  Go to the left (building 36) and
take the stairs or elevator up to the fourth floor.  401 is the only
room on the fourth floor of building 34; it has two halves (A and B) with
separate doors, and we'll be meeting in one half and lunching in the other.

There is a parking lot across the street; if I'm not mistaken, weekend
parking there is unrestricted.  Street parking may also be available.

Building 34 is only about 2.5 blocks from the Marriott.  Take Main St
away from the river and hang an obtuse left onto Vassar just before the
railroad tracks.

I started writing out directions for how to drive to the Marriott from
the airport; it's easy if you know what you're doing, but a missed exit
can, for example, put you on a toll bridge headed to distant
Charlestown.  So I'll take the coward's way out and suggest that it's
probably best to get directions and a map from your car rental agency;
they're probably better at giving directions than I am (I have no car).
Better yet, take the subway (shuttle bus to blue line to green line (or
orange line) to red line to Kendall) -- very easy, you ascend from the
subway directly into the hotel complex.  If anyone so requests, however,
I'd be happy to try to write up directions.

If you have questions or get into trouble, my phone number at MIT is
(617) 253-8581, home 423-3953.  Mary Spollen's phone number is 253-5855.

If you haven't sent your payment yet then please bring a check ($14,
payable to MIT) on Saturday.

- Jonathan