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Here is my current list of attendees.  I count 29 so far, although two
or three are dubious.  I'm keeping track so that we will know how much
food to order.  I will send out a request shortly for money to pay for
lunch and other munchies.

If anyone has special audiovisual requests, let me know.  I'll get the
usual projectors, and I'll try to talk GJS into bringing his amazing
projectable PC screen.

  Hal Abelson
  Norman Adams          Tektronix
  David Bartley         TI          (may miss Saturday?)
  Alan Bawden
  Michael Blair
  Will Clinger		Tektronix/Semantic Microsystems
  Olivier Danvy	        Copenhagen U.
  Kent Dybvig
  Bruce Duba		Indiana
  Matthias Felleisen    Indiana
  Dick Gabriel		Lucid	    (may miss some)
  Ken Haase
  Bert Halstead
  Chris Hanson
  Anne Hartheimer       Semantic Microsystems
  Chris Haynes          Indiana
  Bob Hieb		Indiana
  Richard Kelsey	Yale	    (not verified)
  Eugene Kohlbecker     URI
  David Kranz	        Yale
  Jim Miller
  Richard Mlynarik
  Jim Philbin		Yale
  Kent Pitman		Symbolics
  John Ramsdell		MITRE
  Jonathan Rees
  Bill Rozas
  G J Sussman
  Mitch Wand		Northeastern

(The absence of an indicated affiliation means that the affiliation is