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OOPSLA Lisp and Object-Oriented Programming Workshop

There will be a workshop on Lisp and Object-Oriented Programming on Monday
October 5 from 9am until noon at OOPSLA.  The Common Lisp Object System
(CLOS) will be the highlight of the workshop, with presentations about
CLOS by the designers along with critiques, analyses, and responses to the
Object System, the latter selected based on contributed position papers.

Attendance will be limited to people who know Lisp and are familiar with
existing object-oriented languages.

If you would like to attend, please send me a 1-2 page description of your
position regarding either the Common Lisp Object System or
Lisp/object-oriented programming before August 1; netmail is acceptable.
Invitations will be sent on September 1. Attendance is limited to 35

			Richard P. Gabriel
			Lucid, Inc
			707 Laurel Street
			Menlo Park, CA 94025