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June meeting -- accommodations

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    Re:   June meeting

    Have any local arrangements for a hotel been made?  I called the
    Marriott reservation number this morning and found out that they don't
    have many rooms available at the Cambridge Marriott.

I have as yet made no arrangements.  Given that there are so few people
it's probably best if everyone fended for themselves.  But here is some

All the big hotels seem to have special rates for official MIT visits.
I'm not sure how anal the hotels are about this; I don't believe MIT has
to be directly involved in order for you to get the rate, and one person
I talked to said that the rate is available to people who just come to
MIT for, say, a lecture.  So by all means ask to get the MIT rate.  If
for some reason this doesn't work give me a call and I'll see what I can

Here are some nearby hotel possibilities:

 name           phone 617-  approx distance  MIT's rate  regular rates
			    from meeting     per room    single/double

 Marriott       494-6600    0.4 mile         99          (I forgot to ask)
 Royal Sonesta  491-3600    1 mile	     95          130/145
 Hyatt Regency  492-1234    1.1 mile	     89	         155 and up
 Howard Johnson 492-7777    1.4 miles	     78/84       85/95

All of them said they had rooms available for 26-28 June.

Note that the rate is usually per room, so if you double up you'll save
a lot of money.  If you'd like help finding a roommate let me know.

The brand new Cambridge Marriott is extremely convenient to MIT and the
T.  All the heavy construction is over, so I don't think noise will be a
problem.  I recommend it, although I've never stayed there myself.  But
you should act soon if what Eugene says is true.

If these prices are too steep, there are many inns and guest houses
around with rates as low as $15 (as of last year), but few are close to
MIT, and I have no experience with them.  I have a list of these,
prepared by MIT, which I can send (US mail) to anyone who wants it.

- Jonathan