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meeting dates/times/places

KMP's suggestion that we meet over the weekend of 27-28 June was
seconded by Jinx and assented to by Will.  The weekend is fine with me
too.  I don't think it will be difficult to find a reasonable room in
which to meet on a weekend, but I'll officially arrange for a room if
possible.  Getting into Tech Square is no problem; the lobby doors on
each floor will be locked, but we can probably work something out
(doorbell, a room near a door, or a room somewhere else on the MIT

If I hear no objections to 27-28 within the next couple weeks, I'll start
looking into this more seriously.  Then we can start thinking about what
time of day we want to start on Saturday and Sunday.

****** Let me know if think you might attend so I can determine the optimal
****** room size.

KMP et al. -- is Monday morning a possibilty?  If so we could consider
meeting Sunday all day and Monday morning.  What time of day will the
X3J13 subcommittees start meeting?