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yellow pages

    Date: Thu, 9 Apr 87 16:29:05 cdt
    From: David Bartley <bartley%home%ti-csl.csnet at RELAY.CS.NET>

    Perhaps we should discuss a more formal way to share libraries of
    useful code (a "yellow pages").  Then we could concentrate our
    standardization efforts on the library interface (modules and
    environments again!) and other true language features.

I agree completely.  I think the distinction would be very useful in
taking some of the heat out of our discussions, since people needn't be
as sensitive about things which have no impact on semantics (and
therefore no impact on implementation).

We really need to think in general about what the eventual documentary
outcome of our next meeting (or two) ought to be.  I think a yellow
pages of some sort, clearly separated from a description of extensions
to the semantics, is definitely in order.