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current membership

Enclosed is the current membership of RRRS-AUTHORS.  Sometime in
February or March I added two members of the Eulisp committee, Julian
Padget and Andy Norman.  Most list members seem to be observers rather
than participants, which I take to be a sign that we're doing something

We could use a new name for the mailing list, since "RRRS-authors"
hasn't been appropriate since the R^2 report came out (a year and a half
ago).  Maybe something like "Scheme-authors" or "Scheme-designers" or
"Scheme-report-authors".  "R^NRS-authors" isn't pronounceable.

    - Jonathan

;;; MIT:
(file [LSPMAI;RRRS MAIL])		;Local archive file
alco@VX.LCS.MIT.Edu			;Dave Alcocer
LS.SRB@Deep-Thought.MIT.Edu             ;Steve Balzac
ALAN					;Alan Bawden
Ziggy@VX.LCS.MIT.Edu			;Michael Blair
RHH					;Bert Halstead
CPH                                     ;Chris Hanson
NICK					;Nick Papadakis
JAR					;?

;;; Non-MIT:
jleech@ADS.ARPA 		        ;ADS / Jay Leech
william@ADS.ARPA			;      William Bricken
andy@ADS.ARPA				;      Andy Cromarty
padget%uk.ac.bath.ux63@CS.UCL.AC.UK	;Bath / Julian Padget
ange%hplb.csnet@Relay.CS.Net		;     Andy Norman
dyb%indiana@Relay.CS.Net		;Indiana/ Kent Dybvig
scheme-rrrs%indiana@Relay.CS.Net	;Indiana / ...
linus!ramsdell@Mitre-Bedford.ARPA	;MITRE / John Ramsdell
wand%corwin.ccs.northeastern.edu@Relay.CS.Net ;Northeastern / Mitch Wand
("#COMSCH.MSG[SCH,LSP]" @SAIL.Stanford.Edu)   ;Stanford / file archive
ANDY@Sushi.Stanford.Edu			;	    Andy Freeman
RPG@SAIL.Stanford.Edu			;	    Dick Gabriel
Daniel					;	    Daniel Weise
RDZ					;	    Ramin Zabih
KMP					;Symbolics / Kent Pitman
adams%tekchips%tektronix@Relay.CS.Net	;Tektronix / Norman Adams
willc%tekchips%tektronix@Relay.CS.Net	;	     Will Clinger
rrrs-authors-incoming%TI-CSL@Relay.CS.Net ;TI / ...
GLS					;TMI / Guy Steele
patel@CS.UCLA.EDU			;UCLA / Dorab Patel
Hudak@Yale.ARPA				;Yale / Paul Hudak
Kelsey@Yale.ARPA			;	Richard Kelsey
Kranz@Yale.ARPA				;	David Kranz
Philbin-Jim@Yale.ARPA			;	Jim Philbin