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What is comma-dot?

> From: David Bartley <bartley@home>
> Can those of us that permit the destructive splicing operation `,.'
> inside quasiquote agree on the symbol it corresponds to?  That is, if
> ,@X is equivalent to (unquote-splicing X), what is ,.X equivalent to?
> Perhaps a future R^nRS should mention this as an extension.

> From: willc@tekchips.tek.com
>Just as standardization can be a destructive force, by encouraging the use
>of standardized but doubtful features, so can lack of standardization be a
>creative force, by discouraging use of non-standardized doubtful features.
>I consider comma-dot an excellent candidate for non-standardization.

Will seems to have stated the consensus, if the other replies to my
original message are representative.  I will adopt JAR's suggested
name, UNQUOTE-SPLICING!, but agree that this is a "doubtful" feature
and that standardization isn't called for.