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I don't like the idea of extending BEGIN to allow definitions.  ALGOL
needed that because it didn't have LET; we don't have that excuse.

I think that this would cause widespread use of the (to me) most
objectionable form of local DEFINE, that is, use of DEFINE where LET
is more appropriate.

I have stated my position on this: local DEFINE should be a fossil
preserved explicitly for S&ICP, just as SEQUENCE is.  Given this
position, it seems unwise to alter other parts of the language to
accomodate local DEFINE.

As yet no one except Jinx has responded to me.  Instead, the
discussion on DEFINE continues to extend itself into ever-new realms
of complexity.

To those of you who seem to need DEFINE: please at least give me some
argument in favor of local DEFINE rather than just ignoring me.