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publication of RRRS in SIGPLAN Notices

Last month, at the ACM POPL conference, representatives of ACM SIGPLAN
requested that we submit the RRRS for publication in ACM SIGPLAN Notices.
This would make the RRRS available to a much wider audience, give it
more influence, and would satisfy editors who dislike citations of technical
reports.  ACM SIGPLAN has begun a policy of publishing programming language
manuals for interesting new languages, and recent issues of SIGPLAN Notices
have contained definitions of Poly, Modcap, and B, among others.

Jonathan Rees has agreed to fix up a few minor bugs in the RRRS and to
reformat it for more compact publication.  If no one objects, he will
submit the result to SIGPLAN Notices in a few weeks.

People haven't been flaming me for errors in RRRS, so I've asked Jonathan
not to list me as editor.

Is this ok with everybody?

Peace, Will Clinger