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Multiple LAMBDA evaluations

I have two questions:

(1) Are issues like the following best raised in the general Scheme
    community (e.g., SCHEME@MIT-MC) or here among the RRRS authors?
    I'm a little confused about the intended difference when it comes to
    language issues.

(2) When a given lambda expression is evaluated more than once, is it
    required/allowed/disallowed that the procedure objects returned be
    EQ? to each other?

    The Common Lisp book addresses this issue on page 88: ``In
    situations where a closure of a lambda-expression over the same
    set of bindings may be produced more than once, the various
    resulting closures may or may not be EQ, at the discretion of the
    implementation.''  This allows certain useful optimizations and
    clarifies the semantics of the language a bit.

    My reading of the RRRS is that this interpretation is implicitly
    supported for Scheme; however, there may be other opinions.  Does
    anyone object to adding similar language to the RRRS to clarify
    our intent?

David Bartley