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Apparently everyone is hot-under-the-collar about one-armed IF!
I cannot, for the life of me, see the harm of having one-armed IF.
It is totally unambiguous, and it does not eat up a reserved word,
what is more, it is useful.  The alternative of WHEN is just feeping
creaturism, as far as I can see.

Just to add some fuel to the controversy, let me make a horrifying 

(if p q) should be defined.
   It should return #!true if p is false, and it should return
   the value of q if p is true.  This conflicts with no current
   usage since everyone agrees that one should not use the value
   of a side-effect operation.  On the other hand, it gives IF the
   value of logical implication, in the boolean case -- an often
   useful feature.  For example:

     (if (if p q) r s)