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Re: DRAFT of the Revised Revised Report

    0) I agree that car, cdr, etc, are poor names, yet I have not
    seen good alternatives to them except first and rest, which don't
    nest (a la c....r) too well.  I think that their use is so
    entrenched that it would be hard to get used to other things.
Another possibility is head and tail.  Both of them actually *do*
nest fairly well; for example, according to the following scheme:

    car&cdr     head&tail   first&rest
    caar        hhd         fft
    cadr        htl         frt
    cdar        thd         rft
    cddr        ttl         rrt
    caaar       hhhd        ffft
    caadr       hhtl        ffrt
    cadar       hthd        frft
    caddr       httl        frrt
    ...         ...         ...

My personal preference is head and tail, but anything is better than
car and cdr.