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agenda for workshop

Agenda for workshop on Scheme.

First day.

Distribution of agenda, list of questions, list of features, and
supporting materials.  [10 minutes]

Moderator's statement of purpose and procedure.  [20 minutes]

Straw poll using list of questions.  [1 hour]

Nominations of new questions to be added to the list.  [30 minutes]

Discussion of questions.  [4 hours]

    nil, t, and else				[15 minutes]
    lexical conventions				[10 minutes]
    scope rules for keywords of special forms	[20 minutes]
    names of special forms			[10 minutes]
    semantics of constants			[5 minutes]
    semantics of definitions			[20 minutes]
    semantics of fluid variables		[5 minutes]
    ontology of variables			[15 minutes]
    semantics of special forms			[10 minutes]
    macros					[30 minutes]
    input and output				[30 minutes]
    naming conventions				[5 minutes]
    procedures					[5 minutes]
    numbers					[15 minutes]
    symbols					[5 minutes]
    lists					[10 minutes]
    strings					[5 minutes]
    vectors					[5 minutes]
    new topics added by the participants	[20 minutes]

Identification of research areas that need more work and
discussion of research under way.  [2 hours]

Second day.

Final vote on list of questions.  [3 hours]

Discussion of list of features.  [2 hours]

    lexical features		[25 minutes]
    special variables		[5 minutes]
    special forms		[30 minutes]
    data types			[15 minutes]
    procedures			[30 minutes]
    input and output		[15 minutes]

Final vote on list of features.  [2 hours]

Arrangements for future coordination.  [1 hour]