MIT 6.805/STS085: Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier
Harvard Law School: The Law of Cyberspace -- Social Protocols
Fall 1998

Studies by students in the class.

Each paper is an extensive study produced by a joint group of Harvard Law School and MIT students. Summaries of the study were presented at an end-of-term conference on December 6, 1998 at Harvard Law School.

Caution: Most of the HTML versions of the papers below are missing the footnotes, compliments of Microsoft's Word->HTML conversion routine.

Digital Identity in Cyberspace
by Paul Covell, Steve Gordon, Alex Hochberger, James Kovacs, Raffi Krikorian, Melanie Schneck
HTML version, MS Word version
A Framework for Privacy Protection
by Christian Baekkelund, David Kelman, Ann Lipton, Alexander Macgillivray, Piotr Mitros, Teresa Ou
HTML version, MS Word version
Spread Spectrum: Regulation in Light of Changing Technologies
by Stuart Buck, Dedric Carter, Donna Dutcher, Andrew Garcia, Devendra Kumar, David Pearah, Andres Rodriguez
HTML version, MS Word version
The Future of Trespass and Property in Cyberspace
by Benjamin Adida, Enoch Chang, Lauren B. Fletcher, Michelle Hong, Lydia Sandon, Kristina Page
HTML version
Digital Rights Architectures for Intellectual Property Protection
by Jason Chicola, Dawn Farber, Mami Karatsu, Joseph Liu, Karl Richter, John Tilly
HTML version, MS Word version
Universal Access and Universal Service: Lowering the Barriers to Entry into Cyberspace
by Matamba Austin, Peggy Chen, Jeff Doering, Hazel-Ann Mayers, Lars Oleson, Serrin Turner, Nadia Vinson
HTML version, MS Word version
Democratic Structures in Cyberspace
by Jennifer Chung, Jason Linder, Ian Liu, Wendy Seltzer, May Tse
HTML version, MS Word version
Sovereignty on the Internet: Ways to Prevent Cyberanarchy
by Bryan Adams, Christopher Beland, Brian Crist, Mark Lee, Sharie Mendrey, Betsy Rosenblatt
HTML version, MS Word version

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