6.805/STS085: Student Papers, Fall 1995

Exemplary papers by students in the class.

Keith Bevans, I know you want to

John Michael Makoto Dykes, Intellectual Property on the Net

John Michael Makoto Dykes, Digital Cash and the Development of the Apolitical Currency

Kevin Florey, Universal Service

Kevin Florey, Who's Been Peeking At My Clickstream?

Narayan Hegde, The Standards Debate

Narayan Hegde, When the dollar bill will be laid to rest

Ted Hill, The Fertile Territory

Greg Hudson, Copyright in the Digital Medium: A Comparison of Two Proposals

Jo-Anne Kokoski, In the United States Supreme Court, Lotus Dev. Corp. v. Borland Int'l, Inc.

Jo-Anne Kokoski, Dan Bernstein's Attempt to Publish Snuffle and The Legal Issues Raised

Albert Lin, Hacker/Pirate Interaction in the Computer Underground

Aiden Low, Rules of Abuse

Karina Rigby, Anonymity on the Internet Must be Protected

Oliver Roup, Policy Paradigms of Intellectual Property

Sharon Rykels, The Protection of Business on the Internet, Challenges to the Legislation

Ben Tanen, Recorded Live Music and Alternative Intellectual Property Protection

Christopher R. Vincent, A Cultural Transition: The Commercialization of the Internet

Yoav Yerushalmi, Clipper II: Is It Better?

Laurence Yogman, The Coming Cryptoanarchic Revolution

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