6.805/STS085: Student Papers, Fall 2013

Exemplary papers by students in the class.

Critical Infrastructure and Computer Security: Incentives and Policy in the Internet Era
by Mike Specter, Webb Horn, and Chris Tam

A New Model for EdX : Balancing IP Protection and Freedom of Access in Africa
by Faith Keza, Danielle Olson and Kirsten Olson

Increasing Internet Connectivity through the Development of Local Networks
by Keertan Kini, WeiHua Li, Daniela Miao, and Lauren Stephens

Electronic Searches on the Physical Frontier
by Liz Fong-Jones, Austin Duffield, and Steven Allen

Libraries in the Digital Age: A Proposal to Establish E-book Accessibility
by Albert J. Rodenius and Jane E. Cotler

Do We Care About Surveillance? Edward Snowden's Impact And Policy Implications
by Arya Azma, Louis DeScioli, and Evan Marshall

Legitimizing Bitcoin: Policy Recommendations
by Thomas Alcorn, Adam Eagle, and Ethan Sherbondy

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