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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fall Semester, 2011

MIT 6.S083: Building Mobile Applications (2-4-6)


Class meetings: Lecture Thursday 10-12 (E14-633), Lab Tuesday 7-8 PM (4-231) Most Thursday meetings will take place in E14-633 in joint sessions of 6.S083 and MAS.665 (Development ventures). There will also be occasional joint meetings with 6.S976 (Founder's Journey) in 32-155 as an alternative to the Tuesday evening labs. Founder's Journey also meets on Thursday evenings from 7-9 in 32-155. You are invited to attend, but this is optional for 6.S083.

Note: If you are registered for both 6.S083 and also 6.S976 (Founder's Journey), then you should attend 6.S976 on Tuesday evenings, and send email to 6.083-staff@mit.edu to make special arrangements for how to get help on the programming assignments.

Assignments are issued on Tuesday will be due the following Monday. The lab activities will require that the previous week's assignment has been completed, and your work will sometime be presented and reviewed in lab.

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Tuesday evening in 4-231Thursday morning
Meets with MAS 665 in E14-663
Sept. 5 Reg Day. Assignment 0 is due today.
This evening's lab is for people who need help completing Assignment 0.
Start Assignment 1: Building Simple Apps
First class meeting. Course orientation. Plan for the semester. Learning about app development. Forming project teams.
Sept. 12 Assignment 1 is due on Monday, Sept. 12
In lab: present your app from Assignment 1
Start Assignment 2: Apps and Web Services
Overview of enterprise sectors and opportunities for development
Sept. 19 Assignment 2 is due on Monday, Sept. 19
Schedule a meeting with Hal to discuss your progress and your plans for a midterm checkpoint project: Sign up here.
Start Assignment 3: Maps
Idea pitches in class. Look for a team to join.
Sept. 25 Assignment 3 is due on Monday, Sept. 25
Start Assignment 4: Fusion Tables
Idea pitches in class. Look for a team to join.
First try teams: You should be part of an MAS.665 first try team by October 6.
(Everyone except Founder's Journey students.)
Oct. 3 Assignment 4 is due on Monday, Oct. 3
Start Assignment 5: Midterm checkpoint project
Midterm checkpoint: Individual project presentations Thursday Oct. 13, 10AM - noon
Oct. 10 Columbus Day holiday: no lab Class meets separately from MAS 665 today for project presentations in the Stata Center room 346
Oct. 17 No Tuesday lab tonight. Attend Founder's Journey in room 32-155 for a guest lecture by Bill Joy, venture capitalist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems.  
Oct. 24 No Tuesday lab tonight. Make sure to attend your individual meeting with you mentor.  
Oct. 31 No Tuesday lab tonight. Make sure to attend your individual meeting with you mentor.
Also work this week to do the preliminary part of Assignment 6: Bridge to Java. You must do this preliminiary part before coming to lab on November 8.
Selected Team Updates in Development Ventures, beginning November 3
Nov. 7 Work on Assignment 6: Bridge to Java in Tuesday lab.  
Nov. 14    
Nov. 21   Thanksgiving: no class
Nov. 28    
Selected Team Presentations: Friday Dec. 2, 4-6 PM (details to follow)
Dec. 5   Final short writeup due, Dec. 9
Dec. 12