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Graduate Students

    Robin Deits

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Wei Gao

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Pete Florence

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Weiqiao Han

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Greg Izatt

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Twan Koolen

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Ukjin Kwon

    Masters candidate, EECS

    Yunzhu Li

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Lucas Manuelli

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Tao Pang

    Masters candidate, MechE

    Shen Shen

    Ph.D. candidate, EECS

    Vincent Tjeng

    M.Eng. candidate, EECS


Undergraduate Students

    Katy Muhlrad

    EECS SuperUROP

    Christopher Sweeney

    EECS SuperUROP

    Ethan Weber


    Rahul Yesantharao




    John Carter

    Software Engineer

    Mieke Moran


    Steve Proulx

    Research Engineer



    Tobia Marcucci

    Visiting student from University of Pisa

    Matthew O'Kelly

    Visiting student from University of Pennsylvania



Alumni/Former Group Members

    Amir Ali AhmadiPostdoctoral Associate.
    Now faculty at Princeton.
    Andy BarryPh.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2015).
    Now at Boston Dynamics
    Katie BylPh.D. in Mechanical Engineering (2008).
    Now faculty in Control Systems at UCSB.
    Rick CoryPh.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2010).
    Now at Apple.
    Hongkai DaiPh.D. in EECS (2016). Now at Toyota Research Institute
    Maurice FallonResearch Scientist and Perception Lead for the DARPA Robotics Challenge
    Now faculty at U. Edinburgh
    Elena GlassmanGraduate student
    Now Ph.D. candidate in MIT EECS
    Woody HoburgResearch Staff
    Now faculty in MIT Aero/Astro
    Vanessa Hsu ChenM.Eng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2007
    Fumiya IidaPostdoctoral Associate.
    Now faculty at the University of Cambridge
    Zack JackowskiMasters in Mechanical Engineering, 2011
    Now Senior Engineer at Boston Dynamics
    J. Zico KolterPostdoctoral Associate
    Now faculty at Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department.
    Scott KuindersmaPostdoc and Control Lead for DARPA Robotics Challenge
    Now faculty at Harvard
    Benoit LandryMasters in EECS (2015)
    Now at 3DR
    Michael LevashovMasters in Aero/Astro (2011)
    Anirudha MajumdarPhD in EECS (2016)
    Now faculty at Princeton (after a short postdoc at Stanford)
    Ian ManchesterResearch Scientist
    Now faculty at the University of Sydney.
    Andy MarchesePostdoctoral Associate
    Now at Amazon Robotics
    Pat MarionPh.D. candidate in EECS
    Now at Drive.ai
    Geronimo MiranoMasters in EECS (2017)
    Kojiro MatsushitaPostdoctoral Associate
    Now faculty at Osaka University Medical School.
    Kanako MiuraVisiting Researcher from AIST
    Joseph MoorePh.D. in Mechanical Engineering (2014).
    Now at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.
    Ryuma NiiyamaPostdoctoral Associate.
    Now Assistant Professor at U Tokyo.
    Mark PearrowResearch Staff
    Frank PermenterNow at Toyota Research Institute
    Rob PlattResearch Scientist
    Now faculty at Northeastern University
    Michael PosaPh.D. in EECS (2017).
    Now faculty at U Penn
    Philipp ReistPh.D. Candidate
    Now at ETH Zurich.
    John W. RobertsPh.D. in Mechanical Engineering (2012).
    Now at Google X
    Alberto RodriguezPostdoctoral Associate
    Now faculty at MIT in Mechanical Engineering
    Khashayar RohanimaneshPostdoctoral Associate
    Now senior research scientist at eBay research
    Aykut SaticiPostdoctoral Associate
    Now faculty at Boise State
    Samvaran SharmaM. Eng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2013).
    Now at Microsoft
    Alexander ShkolnikPh.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2010).
    Now President and CEO of Liquid Piston
    Mark TobenkinPh.D. in EECS (2014).
    Now at Makani / Google X
    Andres ValenzuelaPh.D. in Mechanical Engineering (2015).
    Now at the MathWorks
    Ram VasudevanPostdoctoral Associate
    Now faculty at the University of Michigan
    Kathy BatesAdministrative Assistant
    Now enjoying retirement in sunny South Carolina
    Bryt BradleyAdministrative lead on DARPA Robotics Challenge
    Alexander AminiEECS SuperUROP
    Andrew BainesMechE UROP
    David BenhaimEECS UROP
    Erika BildstenMechE UROP
    Gerardo BledtSummer visitor
    Mario BolliniEECS UROP
    Ned BurnellMechE UROP
    Cecilia CantuMechE UROP
    Cyndia CaoMechE UROP
    Guilherme CavalcantiVisiting student from Olin College, Summer 2006
    Olivier ChatotEECS UROP. Now at Google Tokyo (Schaft)
    Alexander ChenEECS SuperUROP
    Phil ChernerEECS UROP
    Paula CountourisMechE UROP
    Alexander DunyakVisiting summer student
    Andres El-Fakdi SencianesVisiting student from the University of Girona, Spain
    Moritz Fischer-GundlachVisiting student from T.U. Delft
    Ming-fai FongMechE UROP
    Garratt GallagherResearch Staff
    John GlowaMechE UROP
    Aditya GopalanEECS UROP
    Courtney GuoEECS UROP
    Sarah HensleyEECS SuperUROP
    Sara ItaniEECS UROP
    Tim JenksMechE UROP
    Mina KhanSummer visitor
    Mike KerekesMechE UROP
    Veronica LaneEECS SuperUROP
    Connor McCannSummer intern
    Puneeth MeruvaEECS UROP
    Andrew MeyerEECS UROP
    Will OurslerEECS UROP
    Michael PriceEECS UROP
    Hodaya ProppSummer visitor
    Amy QianMechE UROP
    Arlis ReynoldsMechE UROP
    Chris RogersEECS UROP
    Jacob SteinhardtEECS UROP
    Hans SusiloEECS MEng
    Patricia SurianaEECS UROP
    Derrick TanMechE UROP
    Tristan ThrushEECS UROP
    Tim VillabonaMechE UROP
    Scott ViteriUROP
    Lauren WhiteEECS UROP
    Teresa Weirui ZhangMechE UROP
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