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Robots That Can Fly Like a Bird
Cambridge Science Festival

May 1, 2010 : 1-4pm
MIT Museum, 265 Mass. Ave.

The MIT Robot Locomotion Group is working on robots that can fly like a bird. Different than standard airplanes, these robots use flapping wings to maneuver through the air just like a real bird. Attendees will learn the fundamentals of flapping-winged flight and get a first hand look at the group's six-foot wingspan flapping-wing robotic bird, named Phoenix (shown below). They will also have a chance to build and fly their own mechanical birds using our ready to build kits. For adults, teens, and accompanied children 10 and up.


Photo of our robotic bird Phoenix in free flight. Courtesy of Jason Dorfman.   Shown here is the Freebird mechanical bird that attendees will put together using ready to build kits.  

Contact: Rick Cory (recory at mit.edu)