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Welcome to LBR - Living Breathing Robots

Upcoming event: Workshop on Humanoid Manipulation, June 11, 2005

Humanoid Robotics

Humanoid Robotics Group
Current: Domo, Eggway, Mertz, Obrero.
Recent: Cardea, Coco, Cog, Kismet, Macaco.
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Synthetic Brains

Synthetic Brains
Building a model of the polyclad flatworm brain to study questions about homeostasis and robotic control.
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Humans as Robots

Robots as Humans
Designing a wearable creature that works with a cooperative human for its own learning purposes.
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Living Machines

Living Machines
Over the last fifteen years we have built behavior-based artificial creatures situated in the world like insects and recently we have built robots with which we can have human-like social interaction. But we never quite forget that these systems are machines and not alive. Perhaps we are missing something fundamental and currently unimagined in each of our various models of behavior, perception, cognition, evolution, natural selection, morphogenesis, etc. If this turns out to be true, then we will need to have some new ways of thinking about the issues of living systems if we are to make progress. This project is an attempt to find those missing elements.
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Past Projects

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