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Loss, Undersea

Loss, Undersea is an interactive narrative/multimedia semantics project by Fox Harrell in which a character moving through a standard workday encounters a world submerging into the depths -- a double-scope story of banal life blended with a fantastic Atlantean metaphor. As a user selects emotion-driven actions for the character to perform, the character transforms -- sea creature extensions protrude and calcify around him -- and poetic text narrating his loss of humanity and the human world undersea ensues.
You can download  the application here:
“Loss, Undesea,” Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 3. Stephanie Boluk, Leonardo Flores, Jacob Garbe, and Anastasia Salter, eds., Electronic Literature Organization.

Project Images: 

Supporting Documentation: 
Associated Project: 

D. Fox Harrell: Concept, Art Direction, Sketches, GUI Design, System Programming, Generative Text
 Jisun An: Graphics
 Suhas Virmani, Devika Karnik: GUI Programming
Chong-U Lim: Porting to Standalone Application.


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