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Launching Mimesis Beta

Mimesis cover image

We're excited to launch the public beta of our interactive narrative game, Mimesis! In Mimesis, you play as a mimic octopus who has lost her way, and encounters various undersea creatures on her way home. Will the anglerfish help or hinder you? Is the seahorse getting snippy? Use your heart and emotions to guide your conversations with them as you move toward home!

Mimesis allows players to explore a a subtle form of social discrimination. Mimesis engages players in experiences "microaggressions," or subtle everyday acts of discrimination that compound, affecting health and happiness negatively, yet, in their subtleties, are often dismissed.

We hope you enjoy our game, and if you have any feedback that is not covered during the play experience, please don't hesitate to let us know!

You can play the beta version of Mimesis here:
More information on Mimesis, including some of our research, here:

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