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Launching Chimeria: Gatekeeper

We are happy and excited to be launching to launch our latest interactive narrative game, Chimeria: Gatekeeper! Chimeria: Gatekeeper features you as a member of the Sylvann tribe, venturing into the neighboring realm populated by the Brushwoods due to a dire need. However, how will the Brushwoods take to your arrival? Will you be welcomed? Would they be suspicious? Should you try to pass as Brushwood or be true to your Sylvann roots? Depending on your actions, choice of words, and how you present yourself, you may find that entering in may not be as straightforward as it seems. Chimeria: Gatekeeper is the latest application built with our identity categorization and narrative engine, The Chimeria Platform. By modeling the dynamics of both parties with our engine, the narrative experience changes according to your choice of actions or words. The game also features multiple endings, based on the theories of identity impression management and stigma. We hope you enjoy our game, and if you have any feedback that is not covered during the play experience, please don't hesitate to let us know! You can play the beta version of Chimeria: Gatekeeper here at: More information on Chimeria: Gatekeeper, including more information about the platform and related research, is available at

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