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ICE Lab Director Fox Harrell in the News

Over the past couple of months, Professor Fox Harrell has been featured on several press outlets. Here is a summary of the articles and interviews that have occurred together with links to their respective locations.
"Virtual Reality Technology to be used for Art and Self-Expression," Boston Business Journal, 27 March 2014
Boston Business Journal's Sara Castellanos interviews our very own Prof. Fox Harrell, who talks about how virtual reality technology could be used in ways beyond gaming, ranging from art to self-expression and empowerment.  

"Digital Soul:The Computer, Imagination and Social Change," The Root, 24 March 2014
Fox Harrell introduces a number of new theory and projects related to his work with Phantasmal Media and discusses about using the computer to develop technology and culture such as video games, social media and, most important, new forms of digital media that push beyond those boundaries. This article was also featured on the Chicago Tribune.

"Spike Jonze’s Her: Sci-fi as Social Criticism," BBC, 13 January 2014
Fox Harrell talks about the movie Her, directed by Spike Jonze. He describes how people's interactions with objects involve relationships and meaning. He also talks about how the technologies shown in Her reveal some of the values of their creators and the society in which they exist.”