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Chameleonia: Days of Lost Selves is a prototype sketch of a game based on shifting identities where the construction of self is at stake. Players make gestures associated with traits such as aggression, commerce, ideology, and more. Player's avatars, and their opponents', then transform in response. One moment the player character is a bazooka-toting cowgirl/boy sipping a softdrink - at the next moment a gold chain and pocketwatch wearing tycoon with stock charts bursting from its top-hatted head.

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Chameleonia: Days of Lost Selves

Dr. Fox Harrell, Director
Graduate students: Daniel Upton, Digdem Sezem
, Tonguc Sezem
, Jisun An
Undergraduate students: Emily Cribb
, Bryan "Beege" Berry, Brett Holmes, Donna Sammander