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A connector part with smart part and beacon installed.
A truss part with smart part and beacon installed.

The construction parts are medium-sized 3D-printed pieces. There are two types: trusses and connectors. Trussed are designed to fit into the connectors so that structures or scaffolding can be built with them. Both the trusses and the connectors have a port where a smart part can be fit into it, such that the robots can find, identify, and grip them.

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Printing new parts

The SolidWorks files for the parts can be found in the SolidWorks folder in the repository. More information about printing can be found in the page on the FDM 3D Printer.

Current issues

Currently, we're experiencing the following issues with the design of the parts:

  • When smart parts are seated in the construction parts, they are at different heights depending on if they are in a truss or a connector. We will need to either change the height of the parts or have the robot differentiate between the parts and grasp them at different heights.
  • The connectors are not very stable. Over time the bottom will fall off, which then causes the walls to fall apart.

Even though these seem like they could be easily fixed, it is actually very challenging. Many of the dimensions of the parts are carefully constructed so that they fit together perfectly. Additionally, we cannot add too much weight to the parts or else they will be too heavy for the robots to lift.

Smart Parts

Each part has a dock on top for a smart part on top. More information can be found on their wiki page

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